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Author: Matthew Meyer

Matthew Meyer is a criminal defense attorney based in Milwaukee, WI. Together with Benjamin Van Severen, Attorney Meyer operates Van Severen Law Office, a law firm dedicated to defending individuals accused of violating the law.

Felony and misdemeanor probation: what to expect

What is felony probation? Let’s start with an easy definition: probation.  Probation is supervision.  It allows for the defendant to live at home and continue a relatively normal existence.  The defendant can continue working and remains out of jail (unless a condition of probation is some jail, which we’ll discuss later).  The court orders the…


What is a restraining order, and how do you avoid violating one?

How does a restraining order work? To obtain a restraining order, the plaintiff must go into court and file a petition.  That petition states the grounds the plaintiff believes support the restraining order.  Upon filing the petition, frequently the plaintiff meets with a court commissioner.  That commissioner reviews the allegations in the petition and determines…


What happens if you get in a traffic accident while drunk?

DUI accidents with injuries vs. without injuries Importantly, there isn’t any difference in penalties for the individual facing an OWI charge, and the individual facing an OWI charge after an accident that didn’t cause any injuries.  When an injury or death occurs, the penalties increase. DUI accidents with injuries If the defendant has no prior…


The #MeToo movement and its impact in the United States

  Effects of the #MeToo Movement Certainly the me too movement had many positive and negative impacts on the United States.  Certainly reasonable minds disagree on the movement.  Here are a few perspectives: #MeToo backlash The #MeToo movement had some unintended consequences. One survey found that both men and women are more afraid to hire…


10 road trip safety tips for your next adventure

Bring an emergency kit You should always have an emergency kit in your car, but it’s especially important to make sure it’s well-stocked before going on a long trip.  While properly preparing your vehicle is a great start, it cannot prevent various problems like punctured tires, collisions, or passenger illnesses.  Those issues can occur at…


What are the dangers of using the internet for kids?

Mental health concerns Technology isn’t always beneficial for your mental health. Children are especially vulnerable to these risks, such as internet addiction, and their associated and real-world consequences, like anxiety and depression. Over the past few years, the study of the correlation between excessive internet use and mental disorders has grown.  The term internet addiction…


What is the opioid epidemic & how is it impacting Americans?

The effects of opioid use Certainly these staggering numbers are concerning.  But while the opioid epidemic impacts our country on a large scaled, we must understand exactly how opioids impact individuals.  Individuals, after all, are at the heart of the epidemic. Long-term effects There are many long-term effects of opioid abuse.  Here are a few:…


What is considered domestic violence & how can you get help if someone is hurting you?

Symptoms and signs of domestic violence Even with emotional or verbal abuse that doesn’t leave a visible mark, there are warning signs and symptoms that can indicate someone is being abused.  Here are a few: Physical marks, bruises, scratches, slap marks can indicate physical abuse. If one partner requires the other’s permission before seeing friends,…


What is a Shiffra Green motion?

Shiffra appellate decision The Court of Appeals decided: “We conclude that the defendant’s burden should be to make a preliminary showing that the sought-after evidence is relevant and may be helpful to the defense or is necessary to a fair determination of guilt or innocence.” They went on and applied the standard to Mr. Shiffra…


What is the Sixth Amendment?

What does the Sixth Amendment say? The language of the Sixth Amendment itself is pretty straightforward: In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained…

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