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Not all criminal defense attorneys are drunk driving attorneys.  While many criminal defense attorneys don’t like to advertise this fact, representing individuals with OWI or PAC charges requires specialized knowledge.  From simple issues like appearing in municipal court rather than circuit court, to more complex issues like administrative suspensions and refusal hearings, drunk driving work takes extra knowledge.  Certainly the drunk driving and criminal defense attorneys at Van Severen Law Office possess this knowledge.  We’ve fought thousands of drunk driving cases, and we can certainly help defend yours.  We’ve worked to understand exactly what it takes to defend cases just like yours.

OWI penalties certainly cover a wide range.  First offense drunk driving cases are certainly the least serious.  They don’t carry jail penalties and simply focus on fines, driver license suspensions, and the potential for an ignition interlock device.  But a fourth offense is a felony.  And when you reach a seventh offense, a conviction will result in a prison sentence.

Even OWI 1st charges can result in jail penalties in specific circumstances:  Firstly, in cases involving drunk driving with a child under 16 in the car.  Secondly, if the drunk drive caused any kind of an injury to another individual.

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Is it possible to win a drunk driving case after arrest?

Every case is different, but the possibility certainly exists for some defendants to win their drunk driving cases after arrest.  Many charges result from faulty test results, faulty testing devices, and incompetent or dishonest police officers.  This is especially the case with field sobriety tests.  Not all police officers understand what they’re looking for or how to properly administer the tests.  If the officer can’t administer the test correctly, the results certainly aren’t correct.  And if the police officer doesn’t know how to interpret the results of the test, his decision to arrest you may also be incorrect.  Our drunk driving defense attorneys understand the field sobriety tests, how they should be administered, and potential motions based on faulty tests.

Depending on the nature of the issue, our defense attorneys may file pre-trial motions challenging police conduct.  Certain motions, such as one based on challenging the stop of your vehicle, could lead to a complete dismissal of charges against you.  Certainly that result is exactly the one you want.

Finally, remember your right to trial.  Most OWI 1st charges, since they are non-criminal, are tried to a judge.  But second and subsequent offenses are criminal, and if you decide to proceed to trial are certainly heard by a jury.  If your case does not include the possibility of a pre-trial motion, you absolutely certainly maintain your right to trial.  At trial, the government must satisfy its burden for you to be found guilty.  If they fail, the case fails.  The drunk driving lawyers at Van Severen Law Office are certainly all trial-experienced.  If your case proceeds to trial, we can help.

What happens if I’m convicted of OWI?

Our goal is to keep this from happening, and we will do everything in our power to avoid this result.  But sometimes you’re wondering what the worst-case scenario is.  If you’re convicted of OWI, PAC, drunk driving, or associated crimes, here are the penalties:

  • OWI, 1st offense:
    • $150.00-$300.00 fines.  Driver license revocation of 6-9 months.  Ignition interlock device for 1 year if blood alcohol content above .15.
    • A first offense is a civil forfeiture and carries no potential jail penalty.
  • OWI, 2nd offense:
    • $350.00-$1,100.00 fines.  Driver license revocation of 12-18 months.  Ignition interlock device for 12-18 months (blood alcohol content does not matter).
    • 5 days – 6 months jail.
  • OWI, 3rd offense:
    • $600.00-$2,000.00 fines.  Driver license revocation of 2-3 years.  Ignition interlock device for 1-3 years.
    • 45 days – 1 year jail.
  • OWI, 4th offense:
  • OWI, 5th or 6th offense:
    • $600.00-$25,000.00 fines.  Driver license revocation 2-3 years.  Ignition interlock device 1-3 years.
    • 1-10 years incarceration.
    • Potential lifetime driver license revocation.
  • OWI 7th, 8th, 9th offense:
    • Up to $25,000.00 in fines.  Driver license revocation 2-3 years.  Ignition interlock device 1-3 years.
    • 3-12.5 years prison.  (Required prison sentence)
    • Potential lifetime driver license revocation
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Because drunk driving offenses carry serious consequences, it’s important to hire an experienced Milwaukee criminal defense attorney to defend your case.  Collateral consequences, such as fines, loss of your driver’s license, and mandatory jail time make this decision even more serious.

Protect your freedom.  Hire a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney who knows how to defend you and fight for you.  The criminal defense attorneys at Van Severen Law Office are all well-prepared to do both.  We have experience providing thousands of individuals aggressive, smart drunk driving defense.  Finally, the cheapest defense attorney frequently isn’t the best.  Hire the very best drunk driving defense attorney you can afford – the rest of your life truly depends on it.

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