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Milwaukee criminal defense law firm Van Severen Law Office defends individuals charged with property crime.  Property crimes are those that generally involve the taking of the property of another.  Property crimes range from misdemeanors to felonies.  Common examples of property crimes are theft, burglary, and robbery.  Other property crimes like criminal damage to property don’t involve the taking of an item, but rather damage to that property.

No matter what you’re being charged with, your rights may have been violated.  Police may have abused discretion, violated the constitution, or simply lied.  We certainly believe it’s important that you fight these issues with assistance from an experienced Milwaukee criminal defense attorney.  Not all defense attorneys posses the same skills or are able to effectively fight for your rights.  The defense lawyers at Van Severen Law Office can.

A man burglarizes a home, which is a property crime.
Burglary, robbery, criminal damage to property, and theft are all property crimes. Call for representation from a top criminal defense attorney.

Property crimes become even more serious when weapons are involved or when the taking of property is directly from the victim.  Crimes involving weapons or direct contact with a victim are often more aggravated.  They also add a layer of emotion to the case.  In these circumstances, our defense attorneys believe it’s even more important to have a skilled criminal lawyer on your side.

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Examples of property crime:


Burglary generally involves the taking of property from a dwelling, boat, truck, or home.  Secondly, burglary can also involve the defendant’s desire to commit a felony in any of those locations.


Robbery involves the taking of property from the person of another.  Secondly, robbery can be with use of force, threat of force, or while armed.  Certainly robbery charges can be the most serious – involving potential penalties of up to 40 years (Class C felony – Armed Robbery).

Criminal Damage to Property

Criminal damage to property occurs when the defendant causes physical damage to the property of another.  This crime is either a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the amount of damage done to the property.


Theft involves stealing property or services from another.  With theft, like criminal damage to property, punishments are defined by the value of the property involved.  Secondly, theft is a misdemeanor if the value is under $2,500.00. This crime is a felony in a few cases:

  • The value of the property exceeds $2,500.00; or
  • The defendants takes property from a corpse; or
  • Other aggravating circumstances

Do you need a property crime defense attorney?

A criminal conviction will impact the rest of your life.  Our award-winning criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience defending property crimes in Wisconsin.  If you’re facing a property crime, or any other crime, contact Van Severen Law Office at (414) 270-0202 for a free consultation.  We’re on your side.  And we want to help win your case.

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