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Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience providing drug crime defense throughout Wisconsin. Van Severen Law Office are Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers committed to presenting the best defense in your criminal case.  If you’ve been charged with a crime involving drugs, Van Severen Law Office may be able to assist you.

Often drug cases involve a law enforcement stop or seizure.  Police are required to follow the Constitution when conducting these actions.   If the police illegally stopped you, searched you, or violated the Constitution in any other way, our defense lawyers will challenge those actions in court.  If it’s found that the police were wrong, often the result is exclusion of evidence found during their illegal actions.  Sometimes the exclusion of evidence results in the district attorney being forced to dismiss his case.

Drug crimes can range in seriousness from something potentially non-criminal, such as possession of a small amount of marijuana, to very serious felony drug offenses.  No matter the charge, our government has take a tough stance against illegal drugs and individuals involved with drugs.  You deserve a Milwaukee defense attorney who will provide you with equally tough drug crime defense.

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Receiving student federal financial aid?

Successfully defending drug cases is of special importance to students receiving federal student aid.  Those students face a potential loss of student aid if convicted of certain drug offenses.  If you’ve already been convicted of drug crime and have lost eligibility for financial aid, you may be able to get it back.  However, it’s most important to never lose that eligibility in the first place.  It’s important that you hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney to help protect you against those consequences.  Our criminal lawyers are committed to defending all of our clients and providing effective drug crime defense.

Looking for drug crime defense?

Working with an experienced criminal defense lawyer can result in a dismissal of charge, a reduction in charges, or a more lenient sentence.  Our defense lawyers can assist in getting you those results.  Hire an experienced Milwaukee criminal defense attorney for your case.  If you’re in trouble, call Van Severen Law Office directly at 414-270-0202 for a free consultation.  Calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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