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Drug crimes, along with ways to provide drug crime defense, are incredibly varied.  In certain municipalities, prosecutors often treat simple possession of marijuana as a non-criminal ordinance violation.  In others, it’s a misdemeanor.  And in others, law enforcement chooses to pursue charges for marijuana charges involving small amounts of the substance.  But a second offense, wherever you are, is a felony.  And felonies include the possibility of a punishment that includes prison.

This begins to explain the spectrum of penalties for crimes involving drugs.  As substances such as cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin become involved, prosecutors begin talking about confidential informants and years in prison.

The criminal defense attorneys at Van Severen Law Office, S.C. recognize how scary this is.  Whether you’re new to the criminal justice system or you’ve been involved with it a few times, hiring a skilled ally to stand at your side and fight with you is important.  Every day our criminal defense lawyers go to battle for their clients.  We file pre-trial motions challenging illegal police actions.  And importantly, when the situation is appropriate, we fight for our clients at trial.  No matter the kind of fight you’re looking to put up, we’ve been there.  And we’ve won.

The rest of this article talks about general issues involved in criminal drug cases, but before we get there it’s important to establish one thing.  We can’t come find you.  If you’re looking to speak with one of Wisconsin’s best criminal defense law firms, it’s up to you to call us.  And you can do that 24/7 at (414) 270-0202.  Importantly, we offer free consultations to potential clients seeking representation from our firm.

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Are you a student?  And are you receiving federal financial aid?

Successfully defending drug cases is of special importance to students receiving federal student aid.  Those students face a potential loss of student aid if convicted of certain drug offenses.  If you’ve already been convicted of drug crime and have lost eligibility for financial aid, you may be able to get it back.  However, it’s most important to never lose that eligibility in the first place.  It’s important that you hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney to help protect you against those consequences.  Our criminal lawyers are committed to defending all of our clients and providing effective drug crime defense.

Additionally, some students face potential academic discipline based on where police allegedly found the substance.  For example, a marijuana case that occurred while the student was within university housing could result in collateral consequences, such as removal from student housing.  We’ve represented clients in these proceedings along with those in criminal court, and can certainly assist in helping in that aspect.

Motions in criminal cases involving drugs:

If you’ve previously been involved with the criminal justice system, there’s a chance that your prior case involved pre-trial motions.  Motions don’t apply in all cases, but sometimes they’re incredibly important.  Importantly, our drug crime defense lawyers are familiar with all the motions relevant to fighting a drug case.  Here a just a few of those motions:

  • Firstly, did your case involve a search warrant?  Law enforcement officers must apply for a warrant with the court.  And that warrant be supported by a reasonable investigation and an allegation that there is probable cause officers will find evidence of a crime within the place they’re trying to search.  Typically this involves homes.  It can involve cars, property, garages, and really anywhere else police are trying to search.  Importantly, if the government fails to satisfy the requirements for a warrant, your judge may find it invalid, and suppress all evidence found when police executed that warrant.  Why is this crucial to your case?  If all the evidence found against you was due to an illegal warrant, all the evidence against you may be suppressed.  This results in a dismissal of charges against you.
  • Secondly, was your case the result of a traffic stop?  Various burdens (reasonable suspicion and probable cause) apply to traffic stops.  Cops don’t need a warrant, but they do need a reason.  And then they need a reason to search your vehicle.  Depending on the circumstances, challenges to the search of a vehicle could also result in the suppression of evidence against you.
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At Van Severen Law Office, S.C., our drug crime defense lawyers represent individuals facing criminal charges involving illicit substances. Sometimes this involves marijuana, as pictured.

Seeking drug crime defense in Wisconsin?

Finding the right criminal defense attorney to fight your case can be stressful.  There are dozens of firms and all of them claim to be aggressive, have a significant amount of experience, and claim a winning track record.  But not all of them have client testimonials to back those claims up.  We do.  And not all of them offer free consultations, instead opting to quick money-grabs from potential clients.  We don’t believe in practices such as those and operate our firm on a transparent basis.  There’s no reason to hide anything.

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