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You certainly aren’t going to jail.  But that doesn’t mean your speeding ticket or traffic ticket isn’t serious.  Your rights are always important.  The criminal defense attorneys at Van Severen Law Office defend traffic citations.  If you want a trial on a traffic matter, hiring one of Milwaukee’s top criminal defense attorneys is always a good idea.

Even if you don’t want a trial, hiring a criminal lawyer can bring better results.  Often your criminal attorney can negotiate for a lower fine or fewer demerit points. This can be especially important for an individual who has recently been pulled over for another matter and wants to avoid the points piling up.  Finally, avoiding these consequences and others, such as increased insurance rates, or the potential loss of one’s driver license, are all important.

Going to trial and taking a plea aren’t the only two options.  Police still need a reason to stop you.  Faulty equipment, lying police officers, and numerous other scenarios bring the possibility of getting your traffic citation thrown out entirely.  We’re comfortable arguing for your rights in court.  Our defense attorneys regularly file motions in court and argue that evidence should be suppressed for use at trial.  The police must have probable cause or reasonable suspicion to subject you to stops and searches.  If they don’t satisfy the appropriate standard, filing a motion could result in your victory.

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What if I have my commercial driver license (CDL)?

Commercial driver licenses are required to operate certain kinds of vehicles, including those that weigh over 26,000 pounds, carry hazardous materials, or are designated to carry more than 16 passengers.  Obtaining a CDL requires extra training and qualifications.  Once obtained, however, it’s important to abide by traffic laws.

One of the easiest ways to lose your CDL is to be caught operating while intoxicatedOWI laws require that a first offense OWI conviction results in the driver losing his CDL for a full year.  Second offense OWIs result in the driver losing his CDL forever.  Obviously hiring a top drunk driving defense lawyer is important when facing any OWI or charges involving your CDL.

Even situations that don’t involve alcohol cause problems for drivers with CDLs.  In many of the situations we’ll describe, a first offense doesn’t result in a disqualification.  Second offenses that occur within 3 years result in a 60 day disqualification.  Third offenses result in a 120 day disqualification.  Violations that invoke these penalties include:

  • Speeding, 15 miles per hour or more over the speed limit;
  • Reckless driving;
  • Illegal passing;
  • Illegal lane changes;
  • Causing a fatal motor vehicle accident; or
  • Texting while driving.
Traffic citations frequently occur on Wisconsin highways
Hiring a proper criminal defense attorney to defend your traffic citation anywhere in Wisconsin may help achieve a better resolution to your case. Contact Van Severen Law Office, S.C. for help: (414) 270-0202.

Our criminal defense law firm, Van Severen Law Office, frequently works with individuals dealing with traffic citations

Van Severen Law Office, S.C. is a Milwaukee criminal defense law firm focused on helping individuals throughout Wisconsin.  Although a significant part of the work we do focuses on felony and misdemeanor criminal cases, there is a large overlap between that work and traffic citation defense.  Pre-trial motion issues that apply in drunk driving and drug cases also applies to traffic citation cases.  The expertise we have defending these areas of criminal law helps us to better defend traffic cases.

Finally, it’s important for you to know that we offer free consultations to potential clients.  Sometimes that step isn’t necessary.  Typically we can figure out with a quick phone call whether our law firm is a match to represent you in your case.  Contact us at (414) 270-0202 and speak with one of our defense lawyers about how we can help.

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