Since 2014 criminal defense attorneys at Van Severen Law Office have been recognized by Super Lawyers as “Top Rated Criminal Defense Attorneys” in Milwaukee, WI. Our defense attorneys are recognized throughout Wisconsin as experienced and trusted advocates for individuals facing all criminal and drunk driving charges.  Whether you’re facing a Class A felony, a misdemeanor, a forfeiture, or any other kind of conviction, one of our defense lawyers can certainly help.

At Van Severen Law Office we defend individuals facing all criminal charges throughout Wisconsin.  The majority of our practice focuses on Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Washington, Kenosha, Racine, Walworth, Rock, Dodge, Sheboygan, and Fond du Lac County, but we certainly travel throughout the state for clients seeking the best criminal defense representation from one of the best attorneys in Wisconsin.


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Our law firm dedicates itself to aggressive representation, but we strive for more. Our smart criminal defense strategies allow us to more effectively achieve the best results in your criminal case. The skill and dedication of your defense attorney will have an impact on your criminal case.  Whether your case requires motion practice, aggressive negotiation, or strong jury trial representation, we can help.


Drunk driving cases in Wisconsin are serious.  Although your first offense usually does not carry any kind of incarceration, it’s important to fight your charges from the very beginning.  A first-offense drunk driving charge sticks with you for the rest of your life.  And it certainly counts on your record.

Subsequent drunk driving charges are even more important to defend.  Starting with a second offense OWI, convictions lead to time in jail.  And once you hit a fourth offense, it’s a felony.  The fact that your first offense was simply a ticket hurts you more when you get to these offenses.  Judges see your “free chance” as more of a reason to punish you later on.

At Van Severen Law Office, our criminal defense attorneys are always on top of changes in drunk driving, OWI, DUI, and PAC law.  Whether you were illegally stopped by police, illegally arrested after incorrect standardized field sobriety tests, or subject to some other unjust procedure, we’re here to help.  Our criminal defense attorneys are some of the best in Wisconsin, and are here to help you.

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Our criminal defense attorneys are constantly recognized throughout the state as experts in this field.  Whether you’re in need of a sexual assault defense attorney, a drunk driving defense attorney, or a drug defense attorney, we have your back.  100% of our representation focuses on defending individuals accused of violating the laws in Wisconsin.  If you’re looking for a specialist, our criminal defense attorneys are certainly a match.

And like our 100% focus on criminal defense, we defend individuals in 100% of Wisconsin.  Our practice is focused in southeastern Wisconsin, but we regularly travel throughout the state defending individuals charged with crimes.

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Criminal cases can be complex and confusing. At Van Severen Law Office we’re dedicated to making the process work well for you.


Homicide, Murder, and Manslaughter Defense Attorneys

Homicide is one the most serious crimes in Wisconsin.  The homicide defense lawyers at Van Severen Law Office regularly defend individuals charged in all kinds of homicide cases.  Whether your case is a reckless homicide charge based on an overdose, a first degree intentional homicide charge based on a shooting, or anything in between, we can help you.  We’ve defended cold cases, we’ve defended high profile cases, and we’re familiar with the issues related to all homicide cases.  We firmly believe that only the best criminal defense lawyers in Wisconsin should fight the most serious charges.  Your life literally depends on the skill of your criminal defense attorney.

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Sexual Assault Defense Attorneys

Sexual assault charges, like homicide charges, carry the most significant criminal penalties in Wisconsin.  And like homicide, sexual assault charges carry numerous issues specific to the criminal charge.  Certainly many “victims” of sexual assault are aware that a simple lie is enough to remove you from their life.  Our criminal defense lawyers take sexual assault charges very seriously, and are prepared to fight for you from your initial appearance through jury trial.   Your life could rely on the result of your case.  Hire the very best criminal defense lawyer you can afford.

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Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

Our drunk driving defense attorneys represent a significant number of individuals facing OWI (operating while intoxicated), DUI (driving under the influence), and PAC (prohibited alcohol concentration) charges. Although your first offense drunk driving charge in Wisconsin is typically not a crime there are still significant consequences associated with a conviction. You face a driver license suspension, steep fines, demerit points on your license, and a potential ignition interlock device. Subsequent offenses carry mandatory jail sentences, starting with 5 days jail for a second offense. And finally, a fourth offense drunk driving conviction carries felony penalties and potential time in prison.

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Domestic violence defense attorneys

Our criminal defense attorneys all started their careers defending a significant amount of domestic violence cases.  It’s also where a number of our attorneys had their first jury trials.  No matter the domestic violence charge you’re facing, our attorneys are familiar with the issues.  We recognize that the individual accusing you may be lying.  And we recognize that a domestic violence conviction is embarrassing.  It will change your life.  Don’t count on an appeal to save your life.  Contact one of our top trial attorneys and let’s start fighting your case.

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Drug Crime Defense Attorneys

Drug crimes vary from simple possession of marijuana all the way to serious felony charges like delivery of heroin.  One of these charges could result in a deferred prosecution agreement. The other will start with a significant prison recommendation from the government.  Both of these charges are best fought with the assistance of a Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer.  Whether it’s marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth, a designer drug, or any other substance, we can help you.  Like our experiences in domestic violence court, many of our defense lawyers have defended drug crimes from the very beginnings of their careers.  Contact us to speak with a drug crime defense lawyer.

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Violent crime defense attorneys

Prosecutors take violent crimes very seriously.  There’s a chance that simply upon being accused of a violent crime, the local news media decided to cover your case.  Don’t let them scare you.  Individuals accused of violent crimes, like individuals accused of all other crimes, deserve to be represented by an aggressive, assertive defense lawyer.  You’ll find the Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys at Van Severen Law Office to be exactly those things.  We’ve successfully defended thousands of individuals in your position.  Call us today, and come speak with us regarding your pending criminal charges.  Let’s start fighting your case together.

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