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The freedom of individuals placed on probation, extended supervision, or parole can be taken away very easily.  Individuals on supervision are required to abide by dozens of rules and are ordered around by difficult probation officers.  Rule violations or disagreements with one’s probation officer can lead to probation holds.  A probation hold is the first step a probation officer takes in revoking an individual and sending him back to prison.

A few different things can happen if a defendant is revoked.  If a sentence was previously imposed and stayed, he will be required to serve that entire sentence.  If a sentence was withheld he will face the judge for sentencing after a revocation.  In extended supervision cases an administrative law judge determines how long the defendant will be sent back to prison.  Parole revocations operate similarly to extended supervision revocations.  Clearly, avoiding a revocation is of utmost importance.

Not all attorneys can defend you at a revocation hearing.  Special rules, modifications to the rules of evidence, and specific timeframes are all a normal part of a revocation case.  While similar to “standard” criminal law, defending a revocation case requires specific knowledge and experience.  Our criminal law attorneys have won revocation cases and kept our clients out of jail.

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When should I hire a criminal defense firm to defend my revocation case?

In short, as early as possible.  Waiting until a few days before your hearing does not give your defense attorney a whole lot of time to figure out if options, such as alternatives to revocation, are available.  It’s important to remember that your probation officer (and his or her supervisor) have to agree with an ATR.  After they’ve spent extra time preparing for your hearing, do you think they’ll be as likely to agree to such a resolution?  Your chance likely decrease, even if only a little.

At a more basic level, hiring a probation revocation defense lawyer at an early stage gives that attorney more time to prepare your case.  This includes things such as finding potential witnesses in your case.  In some cases, we have to issues subpoenas to force those witnesses to come to court.  All of those things take time, and the more time you give your criminal defense lawyer, the better.

An administrative law judge conducts a probation revocation hearing.
Parole, probation, and extended supervision revocation hearings in Wisconsin started occurring via Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic. In certain counties and facilities, that is still the case.
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The criminal defense lawyers at Van Severen Law Office, S.C. have a reputation for winning criminal cases.

We believe that one of the most important things you can do when facing a parole, probation, or extended supervision revocation is to hire a top Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer.  At Van Severen Law Office, S.C., you’ll meet just a few of those attorneys.  We’ve successfully defended numerous probation and extended supervision revocations, saving clients from returning back to jail or prison.  We recognize how important succeeding in these hearings is.

In other circumstances, we’ve successfully negotiated for the release of clients without the high-stakes battle that a revocation hearing brings.  Sometimes those releases have included additional monitoring and additional conditions the offender must abide by.  It’s surely better to have one more rule than it is to go to prison, right?

Finally, the procedure, timeframes, and other rules surrounding revocation hearings can be confusing.  Having a competent defense lawyer to explain these issues is incredibly important to both the offender and his or her family.

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