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Category: Child Abuse

Is hitting your child a crime?

So, what is the parental privilege? Off the bat, one thing is clear: the parental privilege doesn’t apply to cases involving intent to cause great bodily harm or death, or which create a risk of either.  This eliminates the privilege in cases involving charges like homicide. The jury first determines whether the amount of force…


What are the dangers of using the internet for kids?

Mental health concerns Technology isn’t always beneficial for your mental health. Children are especially vulnerable to these risks, such as internet addiction, and their associated and real-world consequences, like anxiety and depression. Over the past few years, the study of the correlation between excessive internet use and mental disorders has grown.  The term internet addiction…


Using a computer for a child sex crime – is it serious?

How serious is using a computer to facilitate sex with a child? As technology evolves, communication more-frequently occurs electronically. Technology has made it easier and faster than ever to communicate with one another.  Adults frequently use this technology for dating and sexual encounters.  However, with this technology comes the use for more criminal means.  Criminals...CONTINUE READING

Parental Discipline and Child Abuse

Criminal penalties: If you find yourself in a situation where you can act to prevent either bodily harm or great bodily harm to a child, and you do noting, you can be punished. Remember, if the actions you fail to prevent could result in bodily harm to the child, you could face up to 6…

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