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Can Milwaukee police use confidential informants?

Can police use informants? Police can use confidential informants, and have been using them for decades.  The law ebbs and flows regarding disclosure of the identity of confidential informants, but that’s really the only issue we regularly encounter in the law. A confidential informant is a secret source who, through a contact law enforcement officer,…


What is the Fourth Amendment?

Fourth Amendment searches Searches are one of the ways criminal cases involve the 4th Amendment. Initially, 4th Amendment case law revolved around a citizen’s property rights.  A citizen’s property rights become involved when the government physically intruded on “houses, papers, or effects” for the purpose of finding information (a search).  Early 4th cases focused on…


Internet browsing history: can it be used in court?

Internet browsing history and its use in criminal prosecutions: Your internet browsing history tells a lot about you.  It tells what you recently purchased on Amazon.  It tells what you've streamed.  And sometimes it leaves a trail of illegal activity online. Most of us spend at least part of our day on the internet, whether...CONTINUE READING

What is the 5th Amendment?

Grand Jury The Fifth Amendment says “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger…”…


The Alibi Defense

Alibi – it’s one of the more common legal terms you’ll hear on the news or in popular culture.  But what does it actually mean?  And how can you use it to your advantage when preparing a defense to criminal charges?  This post will examine the alibi defense and its practical applications for your criminal…


Gambling in Wisconsin

Is gambling legal in Wisconsin?  What is the definition of gambling?  What penalties do you face if charged?  This post will answer these and other questions about gambling in Wisconsin. Gambling – What is it? Gambling in Wisconsin is regulated in Section 945 of the Wisconsin Statutes.  First, we need to define a few terms. …


What is the Sixth Amendment?

What is the Sixth Amendment and how does it apply to my case?  A criminal defense attorney explains: The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution sets forth various procedural rights related to criminal prosecutions.  The amendment was ratified in 1791 as part of the United States Bill of Rights.  The Supreme Court of the...CONTINUE READING

Burglary vs. robbery: What’s the difference?

Burglary vs. robbery explained. This is a question frequently asked of our criminal defense attorneys in Milwaukee, WI.  What’s the difference between burglary and robbery?  Frequently people use the terms interchangeably.  Unfortunately, they’re not the same. One of our top criminal defense attorneys explains burglary vs. robbery in this blog post.  If you are charged…


4th Amendment Update with Kansas v. Glover?

Registered owner of the vehicle is revoked.  Can police pull me over? There is a case pending in the United States Supreme Court that will have a huge impact on drivers throughout the country.  Kansas v. Glover will address whether police can pull over a car solely because the registered owner of the car has...CONTINUE READING

Is grand theft auto a crime in Wisconsin?

Operating a vehicle without owner’s consent: the charge for stealing a car in Wisconsin Section 943.23(2) of the Wisconsin Statutes prohibits operating a vehicle without owner’s consent: “…Whoever intentionally takes and drivers any vehicle without the consent of the owner is guilty of the following:” a first offense a Class H felony.  A second or…

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