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Category: Firearm cases

Who can own guns in Wisconsin?

Minors in possession of firearms in Wisconsin: Individuals under 12 years old in Wisconsin can only possess firearms while engaging in a Hunter Safety program.  Importantly a child under 12 years old may complete the program but must wait until he’s 12 to actually hunt.  Once a child turns 12, he’s allowed to possess a…


Going “armed while intoxicated” not protected by Second Amendment

State v. Mitchell L. Christen – SCOW considers going armed while intoxicated and the Second Amendment Defendant Christen, his roommates, and his roommates friends were drinking alcohol on February 2, 2018.  At one point a confrontation occurred and Christen armed himself.  Testimony about where Christen pointed the firearm differed, but everyone agreed that he possessed…


Constitutional Carry in Wisconsin?

How close are Wisconsinites to carrying without a permit? A new bill passed the Wisconsin State Senate Judiciary Committee on 3-2 party line vote earlier this month. That approval cleared the way for the full Senate to consider the bill sometime next month. The bill would allow individuals to lawfully carry a concealed firearm without…


Open Carry in Wisconsin

A common question we receive is whether it is legal to openly carry a firearm or other weapon in Wisconsin.  The answer, in general, is yes.  There is no “law” permitting open carry in Wisconsin.  Rather, it is presumed legal but subject to numerous restrictions.  The opposite of open carry is carrying concealed.  Wisconsin statute 941.23…


Mandatory Minimum for Firearms Offenses

We are starting to see the effects of a bill signed into law back in November 2015 which created mandatory minimum sentences for certain firearms offenses, including possession of a firearm by a felon.  This post will describe the new law and explore the consequences you face if charged and convicted under the new sentencing…


Self Defense in Wisconsin

Self defense – it’s brought up in high profile cases and featured in TV shows and movies.  But what really constitutes “self defense?”  And is it really that commonly used?  This post will examine what self defense really is and the scenarios where self defense can, and cannot, be used. The Law of Self Defense…


Grand jury’s decision in Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson – How Wisconsin grand juries work

Grand jury proceedings are secret: Although grand jury proceedings are secret, they’re usually more relaxed than something like the preliminary hearing.  The secret nature of the grand jury proceeding encourages witnesses to provide truthful information without fear of retaliation.  In the event of a witness refusing to testify, frequently the government will provide immunity to…

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