Category: Sexual Assault

Is sending dick pics in Wisconsin illegal?

Criminal charges for dick pics: Section 944.25 of the Wisconsin Statutes There’s only one crime in Wisconsin that resembles sending dick pics.  And while we recognize that traditionally this practice is done via cell phone, this criminal charge focuses on emails. Section 944.25 of the Wisconsin Statutes indicates: (1)  In this section: (a) “Electronic mail solicitation” means…


Prostitution: does it require an actual exchange of money?

So, what’s prostitution? This charge requires you to exchange money (or something of value) for some kind of sex act.  Specifically, section 944.30 of the Wisconsin Statutes states: (1m)  Any person who intentionally does any of the following is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor: (a) Has or offers to have or requests to have nonmarital sexual…


Romeo and Juliet Laws in Wisconsin

What are Romeo and Juliet laws? Romeo and Juliet laws were designed to lessen penalties associated with statutory rape laws.  Specifically, these laws focus on teenagers who engage in voluntary sexual acts with someone older than they are.  Interpretations vary by state, but they all have the same general purpose.  In no instance do these…


The #MeToo movement and its impact in the United States

  Effects of the #MeToo Movement Certainly the me too movement had many positive and negative impacts on the United States.  Certainly reasonable minds disagree on the movement.  Here are a few perspectives: #MeToo backlash The #MeToo movement had some unintended consequences. One survey found that both men and women are more afraid to hire…


What is a Shiffra Green motion?

State v. Johnson, filed May 16, 2023, overruled State v. Shiffra.  The discussion below is outdated and is NOT good law.     Shiffra Green motions allow your defense attorney important access to psychological records of the victim Credibility is one of the crucial issues criminal defense attorneys deal with while fighting criminal cases.  A Shiffra…


Using a computer for a child sex crime – is it serious?

How serious is using a computer to facilitate sex with a child? As technology evolves, communication more-frequently occurs electronically. Technology has made it easier and faster than ever to communicate with one another.  Adults frequently use this technology for dating and sexual encounters.  However, with this technology comes the use for more criminal means.  Criminals...CONTINUE READING

Can I be charged with sexual assault just because someone said I did it?

Potential clients contact our firm every week and ask the same question:  Can I be charged with sexual assault just because someone said I did it? The answer is yes.  For the most part, you can be charged with sexual assault based just on what someone said.  But that doesn’t mean you’ll be convicted.  Our…


Revenge Porn in Wisconsin

How do Wisconsin prosecutors deal with revenge porn? We’ve all heard the term used in the media – revenge porn.  But what is it and how does the law criminalize the conduct in Wisconsin?  Although this charge seems straightforward, it can be confusing.  Consequently, criminal defense attorney Ben Van Severen discussed the charge and its…


“Mandatory” minimum sentences for possession of child pornography, and why they don’t apply

Mandatory minimum sentences for child porn convictions: On December 14, 2015 a client of Van Severen Law Office was sentenced for possession of child pornography in the Fond du Lac County Circuit Court.  Although charged with possession of ten images, our criminal defense attorney was able to negotiate for seven of the counts to be dismissed….

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