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Domestic Abuse Repeater Statute Explained

There is a provision in the Wisconsin Statutes that can increase your maximum penalty for a domestic abuse related offense.  In this post, criminal defense attorney Benjamin Van Severen explains what a domestic abuse repeater is.  He’ll also explain how the DV-repeater works in concert with other repeater statutes. Domestic Abuse Repeater The DV-repeater statute…


Electric Scooters Legal in Milwaukee

Electric scooters now legal in Milwaukee Electric scooters are everywhere in Milwaukee.  Just take a stroll through the Third Ward and you will see dozens of riders zipping past you.  Lime.  Bird.  Spin.  What happens when a user cuts you off, swerves in front of your vehicle, or commits some other senseless act?  Surely you’ve…


When Obstructing isn’t Obstructing

Obstructing an officer is a crime in Wisconsin.  Citizens are not allowed to obstruct an officer doing any act in his official capacity and with lawful authority.  This includes knowingly giving false information to an officer.  But what if you simply refuse to give an officer information?  What if you don’t tell an officer your...CONTINUE READING

Theft charges in Wisconsin

At Meyer Van Severen, S.C. we defend individuals facing all theft charges. Under Wisconsin law, theft is a property crime that can take many forms. Most people think of this charge in terms of retail theft. One of the most commonly-charged theft crimes in Wisconsin is retail theft.  That being said, this crime is much...CONTINUE READING

I was just revoked off probation or extended supervision. How long will it take for me to return to court for sentencing?

When will my sentencing after revocation be scheduled? This is a common question asked by individuals who have been revoked from probation or extended supervision.  Your probation officer alleged that you violated rules of supervision.  You went to a hearing, and the administrative law judge found that the allegations against you were appropriate for revocation. …


Slow Drivers in the Left Lane

Anyone who commutes regularly on the highway system has no doubt encountered slow drivers traveling in the left lane.  For some, it’s a small inconvenience.  For others, it can lead to bouts of road rage.  A bill proposed in Maryland looks to fine drivers who remain in the left lane. Purpose The sponsor of the…


Diversions and DPA’s Help to Avoid Convictions

Not all arrests result in convictions, or even criminal charges.  The obvious way to avoid a conviction is to take your case all the way to trial and have the jury return a not guilty verdict.  But some people can avoid a criminal conviction short of a trial even if they are arrested or investigated…


Explaining Bail in Wisconsin

If you are charged with a crime in Wisconsin, your first court appearance is called your initial appearance.  You will be notified of the charges against you and the court will likely set bail.  “Bail” is defined in Section 969.001 of the Wisconsin Statutes as “monetary conditions of release.” Section 969.01(1) states defendants arrested for…


Revocation Results in Prison Despite Not Guilty Verdict

How can someone be found not guilty by a jury of his peers and still be sent to prison?  Because he was on probation at the time he was charged with the crimes and his supervision was revoked.  Damien Payne took his felon in possession of a firearm and carrying a concealed weapon case to jury…


Len Bias Law Prosecutions in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is seeing a significant increase in Len Bias homicide prosecutions in an effort to curb the delivery of opiate drugs and reduce overdose deaths.  The name Len Bias prosecutions became common parlance after the famous college basketball prospect overdosed on cocaine and died two days after he was drafted 2nd overall by the Boston Celtics…