Class A felony penalties are the most serious in Wisconsin

Without a doubt, Class A felonies are the most serious penalty in Wisconsin.  Upon conviction of a Class A felony, the defendant is sentenced to life in prison (Wis. Stat. sec. 939.50).  Class A felonies do not carry maximum terms of initial confinement and extended supervision.  Instead, the court determines whether the individual convicted of the Class A felony is eligible for parole.  Certainly only the most serious murder and sexual assault cases qualify as Class A felonies.

While your Class A misdemeanor charge only carries 9 months in jail, this charge carries with it mandatory life in prison.  It’s because of that that our criminal defense attorneys believe only the most serious criminal defense attorneys should handle your Class A felony case.  While any attorney can provide a modicum amount of effective representation, we’d ask a simple question: Do you simply want to get “just enough” representation?  Or do you want a specialist?

At Van Severen Law Office our criminal defense attorneys focus 100% of their practice defending individuals accused of violating crimes throughout Wisconsin.  We don’t defend divorce cases or write contacts.  We focus on criminal defense.


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What are examples of Class A felonies in Wisconsin?

Only the most serious charges in Wisconsin qualify as Class A felonies.  Below is the list:

  1. First-degree intentional homicide
  2. Repeated sexual assault of a child
  3. First-degree sexual assault of a child

Although this list is indeed short, the legislature deemed these the most serious crimes in Wisconsin.

Does life in prison mean life in prison?

Life in prison nearly always means life in prison.  But if you’re convicted of a Class A felony, you may be deemed eligible for extended supervision at some point (Wis. Stat. sec. 973.014).  The judge has three choices:

  • Firstly, he can determine the defendant is eligible for release to extended supervision after 20 years in prison;
  • Secondly, he can determine the defendant is eligible for release to extended supervision on some other date;
  • Thirdly, he can deny the defendant’s extended supervision eligibility.

The third determination means the defendant will serve the rest of his life in prison.

How do we win my Class A felony case in Wisconsin?

Every single criminal case is different.  Class A felony cases are among the most complex cases we defend in Wisconsin.  The reason for that is simple: there’s a ton of law enforcement attention poured onto these cases.  There are search warrants, interviews with witnesses, subpoenas, and a lot of other background work done.  We may challenge any of those things moving forward.

For victim credibility issues, we have a few choices.  The biggest credibility test is certainly putting the alleged victim on the stand and examining her.  There are pre-trial motions that could force the victim to provide psychological records before trial.  If the victim refuses to provide those records, in some circumstances he or she is prohibited from testifying at trial.

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Class A felony charges are the most serious in Wisconsin.  If you’re convicted, you will be sentenced to life in prison.  These penalties are certainly significant.  It’s our opinion that such serious cases should be defended by the very best criminal defense attorney you can find.

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