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I was just sentenced. I want to appeal. What do I do?

Notice of right to seek postconviction relief Pay attention during sentencing.  You’re stressed out and worrying about what is going to happen.  But it’s important you watch for potential appellate issues.  Even if you don’t thoroughly understand the law, you certainly know when something feels off.  After sentencing, your attorney will have you sign a…


Probation and extended supervision revocation. What is it? Can I fight it?

What happens after the probation revocation investigation? Upon completion of the investigation, the probation agent makes an important decision: am I going to revoke the offender or not?  If the agent decides to revoke the offender, the offender must be notified within 2 working days of the violations he’s facing and the rights he has…


What is probation? What should I expect?

Withheld sentences vs. imposed and stayed sentences: When the court places the defendant on probation it also determines what to do with the underlying sentence.  Should the court announce a penalty on the front end for a failure of probation?  Or should the court wait and only sentence the defendant if he fails probation?  That’s…


What is a preliminary hearing?

The timing of the preliminary hearing in felony cases: Section 970.03(2) of the Wisconsin Statutes describes the timing involved.  The preliminary hearing must be conducted within 20 days after the initial appearance if the defendant was released from custody.  It must be held within 10 days after the initial appearance if the defendant’s bail was…


Misdemeanor Penalties in Wisconsin

What’s the actual definition of a misdemeanor? Section 939.60 of the Wisconsin Statutes provides us the actual definition of misdemeanor: A crime punishable by imprisonment in the Wisconsin state prisons is a felony.  Every other crime is a misdemeanor. We certainly believe that the focus on time is easier to understand.  By this definition, a…


Wisconsin Criminal Felony Penalties

Felonies carry a variety of sentences: A 12 month sentence is much different than a life sentence.  One is painful.  The other is a complete restriction of our liberty for the rest of your life.  So, how do we break down felonies? Felonies range from Class A to Class I and carry different penalties.  Section…


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