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If you need criminal damage to property defense, Meyer Van Severen, S.C. may be able to help.  Criminal defense attorneys Matthew Meyer and Benjamin Van Severen have defended this charge dozens of times.  We’re familiar with the issues involved in criminal damage cases. Most commonly the crime is charged as a Class A misdemeanor (9 months jail, $10,000.00 fine, or both), but it can be charged in certain circumstances as a Class I felony (3 years 6 months prison, $10,000.00 fine, or both).  These very serious penalties show why you may want to hire a criminal damage to property defense attorney.

 What is criminal damage to property?

Criminal damage to property is defined in Section 943.01 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

The elements of misdemeanor criminal damage to property are:
1) The defendant caused physical damage to the property
2) The defendant intentionally caused the damage
3) The property belonged to another person
4) The defendant caused the damage without the consent of the owner
5) The defendant knew the property belonged to another person and knew that the other person did not consent to the damage

“Damage” includes anything ranging from simply defacing property to complete destruction of that property.
“Intentionally” means the defendant has the mental purpose to damage the property, or knew that his conduct was practically certain to cause damage to the property.

 When is criminal damage to property a felony?

Criminal damage to property is a Class I felony if any of the following occur:
1) The property involved was reduced in value by more than $2,500.00
2) The property involved was owned by a public utility/common carrier, and the damage is of the kind which is likely going to impair the services of the public utility/common carrier
3) The property involved belongs to a petit/grand juror and the damage was caused by reason of a reaction to a verdict
4) The damage occurs on state-owned land listed with the DNR’s registry of prominent features in the landscape
5) The property damaged is a plant/plant material, being grown as feed for animals, or to be used for commercial purposes, or for plant research and development
6) The property damaged is a vending machine, the person acted with intent to commit theft from the machine, and the property damage ranged between $500.00 and $2,500.00.

It’s important that your criminal damage to property defense attorney understands the law and its intricacies when defending you.  Our criminal defense attorneys have defended criminal damage cases at trial.  While every case is different, we can help you defend your case.

How do we win my criminal damage to property case?

Often a criminal damage to property case involves testimony from a witness claiming that the defendant damaged property.  If that individual is lying we need to bring that out.  Proving it to the prosecutor could result in a dismissal of charges.  If not, we will need to prove the lie to a jury.  At our initial consultation we will discuss your case and all of the issues involved in your case.  During that initial meeting we will begin to figure out how to defend your case.

Meyer Van Severen, S.C. provides criminal damage to property defense

Criminal damage to property is a serious crime.  This crime is an aggravated misdemeanor or a felony, both which carry serious penalties.  Meyer and Van Severen are criminal defense attorneys who provide criminal damage to property defense. Our defense attorneys have won criminal damage to property cases.  Contact our defense firm at (414) 270-0202 to discuss your case and see if a Milwaukee criminal attorney can help you.