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Class F Felony penalties

Which charges are Class F felonies? Numerous charges in Wisconsin qualify as Class F felonies.  For example, here are a few: Sexual exploitation of a child (if defendant is under 18 at time of offense) Causing a child to view or listen to sexual activity (if victim is under 13) Causing mental harm to a…


Class H Felony Penalties

What are Class H felonies?  Examples of the offenses: A number of crimes in Wisconsin are Class H felonies.  Here’s a list: Strangulation and suffocation Identity theft Bail jumping Theft of services Operating a vehicle without owner’s consent Resisting an officer causing bodily harm Child abuse Theft Impersonating a peace officer Unauthorized use of an…


Class I Felony Penalties

Examples of Class I felonies in Wisconsin: Class I felonies are an certainly interesting breed of offense.  They’re serious enough that the legislature determined prison punishment to be appropriate, but they’re also the lowest level felony offense.  Here’s a list of Class I felonies we frequently defend in Wisconsin: Identity theft Substantial battery Stalking Operating…


Wisconsin Criminal Felony Penalties

Felonies carry a variety of sentences: A 12 month sentence is much different than a life sentence.  One is painful.  The other is a complete restriction of our liberty for the rest of your life.  So, how do we break down felonies? Felonies range from Class A to Class I and carry different penalties.  Section…