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Marijuana Smell in my Car

Did you know that if a police officer detects the smell of marijuana in your car during a traffic stop, he can search your car?  So long as marijuana remains illegal in Wisconsin, police can search your car based on the smell alone.  This post looks at car searches based on the smell of marijuana….


Drug Crimes: What are the differences? What is a schedule I drug?

What’s the difference between possession, possession with intent to deliver, and manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance? Possession of a controlled substance is illegal in Wisconsin.  But what happens when you possess a lot of that substance?  What happens when you possess that substance, but it’s broken up into small bags?  Or you have a lot…


Traffic Stops Reduce Crime in Milwaukee

In mid-October, Milwaukee Police stepped up traffic enforcement targeting dangerous driver behavior.  The focus has been on speeding, reckless driving, and running red lights.  This heightened level of enforcement has resulted in a decrease in crime when compared with the same length of time prior to the enforcement beginning.  Some of the reductions include: A…