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Tag: Sentencing

Sealing Your CCAP Record

The Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website, or CCAP, shows all filings in circuit courts throughout Wisconsin, including criminal, family, and small claims cases.  As it relates to a criminal case, a user can discover a wealth of data with only a few clicks, including the status of the case, the next court date, and what…


I was just sentenced. I want to appeal. What do I do?

Notice of right to seek postconviction relief Pay attention during sentencing.  You’re stressed out and worrying about what is going to happen.  But it’s important you watch for potential appellate issues.  Even if you don’t thoroughly understand the law, you certainly know when something feels off.  After sentencing, your attorney will have you sign a…


Wisconsin Criminal Felony Penalties

Felonies carry a variety of sentences: A 12 month sentence is much different than a life sentence.  One is painful.  The other is a complete restriction of our liberty for the rest of your life.  So, how do we break down felonies? Felonies range from Class A to Class I and carry different penalties.  Section…