Hiring a criminal defense attorney can be a frustrating and confusing process. You probably don’t know the attorney you’re about to hire. Relying on reviews provided by previous clients can help make the process easier.

Below, you’ll find criminal defense testimonials written by clients of Meyer Van Severen, S.C.  Each of these clients approached our firm with a different issue. Some of our clients had already been charged.  Others hired us prior to charging.  The issues faced by these clients ranged from municipal violations to aggravated felonies.

“If you are reading this, most likely you need a criminal defense attorney, just like I did! The best advice I can give, is hire him immediately. He is a very good lawyer and will work for your behalf. Hire him and do what he says, that’s is what you need to do. I was impressed with his ability to cross examine people with kindness and caring, such that the truth was heard without feelings in way. That way when the judge was able to hear the truth and make up her mind according to just he facts. He was in charge of two cases for me, but when he needed to raise his voice in the court room, he did! The judge respected him and he won both cases for me!! No need to look any further, hire him, do what he says!”

W.M. – Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties, WI (2016)

"Don’t let his youth fool you. He is every bit as good as any weathered Attorney. He has such a great drive to meet his client’s needs. I was his client and although the odds did not seem to be in my favor, he gave his all in trial with what we had to work with and won! The jury only deliberated for 45 minutes too. Aside from his ability to be a great attorney, he is very personable and and all around great guy to work with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an outstanding criminal defense attorney."

D.F. – Milwaukee County, WI (2016)

“When I think of Attorney Matthew Meyer one word comes to mind… PHENOMENAL!! My husband and I hired Matt for a very serious charge my husband was facing.. The charge possibly could have lead my husband to serve anywhere from 3 to 10 years in prison. Matt got the DA to agree to only probation time which was unusual for the type of charge my husband was facing .When it was time for sentencing Matt presented his case so well and professional that the judge actually dismissed the case!! That’s right Case DISMISSED!!! Matt showed and proved to be an outstanding and very knowledgeable lawyer… He was so supportive and informative throughout the whole process.. This was a very rare outcome for the the type of charges my husband was facing the fact that he even got the DA to agree to probation was very rare.. Trust me when I say I would definitely recommend Matthew to anyone.. He has made our nightmare turn into a happy ending!! Thank you again MATT!!!”

M.T. – Milwaukee County, WI (2016)

Ben was the attorney on my son case. With my first conversation with Ben he was very honest about the case. Ben meet with myself and eventually my son and other family members, he was very down to earth. My son has a strong personality that I didn’t think Ben could match but he proved me wrong he was very humble. I’ll never forget at his sentencing my family gathered in a huddle to pray and Ben was right there holding the hand of one of our family members hand praying with us as a family.

S.W. – Milwaukee County, WI (2016)

“People today want it all but can’t get it and cry. Ben Van Severen delivers it all. I hired him from seven states away and he made me feel like I was his only client. Calls that weren’t answered were returned promptly, he emailed regularly and kept me updated. He was honest about the chances and did an excellent job educating me about the process. Despite how personable he was and easy to communicate with I believe that the more important factors are that 1) he has an excellent grasp of the law and 2) really seems to know the system. I can’t recommend Ben highly enough.”

M.P. – Milwaukee County, WI (2016)
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