Hiring a criminal defense attorney can be a frustrating and confusing process. You probably don’t know the attorney you’re about to hire. Relying on reviews provided by previous clients can help make the process easier.

Below, you’ll find criminal defense testimonials written by clients of Meyer Van Severen, S.C.  Each of these clients approached our firm with a different issue. Some of our clients had already been charged.  Others hired us prior to charging.  The issues faced by these clients ranged from municipal violations to aggravated felonies.

“I was charged with an OWI (2nd) within 3 years and was facing 90 days jail time with IID installation as well as license revocation for 1 year. My car was parked with myself and another passenger asleep at the wheel. No accidents or anything like that. To be honest, when I first researched Matthew Meyer I was a little hesitant to retain someone that was only around one year older than myself. I always figured the older a lawyer is, the more experienced they are and respect they have. Matt was extremely professional and personable throughout. He did not give me false hopes or promise anything ludicrous since the last few months that he was helping me. He was reasonable with his fee and always answered my questions fully. At my sentencing, I went from facing 90 days in jail to 5 days in jail as well as the IID and license revocation. That might not seem like much to some people reading this review and expecting miracles because all of the charges were not dropped completely(although the outcome was pretty miraculous in my case). However, some things are beyond a lawyer or judge’s control when dealing with minimum requirements for OWI sentencing. Not having to spend months in jail and losing my job was absolutely worth the cost of retaining. I was very pleased with how I was represented during my court dates and the sentencing. I believe the outcome was a direct result of how Matt spoke with the judge in my defense and presented me as a good person who made a poor choice as well as my demeanor in the courtroom. Matt talks about you as if you are a friend in a very matter-of-fact way, not as just another case. I cannot say enough great things about him and my outcome. If you are in doubt about hiring him, please, go have a consultation with him. It will be worth your time and money.”

A.S. – Milwaukee County, WI (2016)

“Attorney Meyer was hired by us to defend a family member who was facing a very lengthy prison sentence. Mr. Meyer, being very well educated in the area for which we hired him, was able to negotiate a plea bargain, which was in itself a great deal, however, on sentencing date, Attorney Matthew Meyer held nothing back and got the sentence reduced even further! My family was very impressed with Matt. He knows his stuff and he’s not afraid to stand up for and defend his client. Matt answered all of my questions, never lost patience with me, even when I would send him a lengthy text message on the weekend! Matt was very understanding and empathetic to our family’s feelings and emotions…this was a very trying and emotional time for all of us…Matt understood. He took time to explain things to us in a way so we would understand and made sure we understood everything we were up against before leaving us. My family and I appreciate the way Matt was there for us, standing with us in our corner, not intimidated by the Judge or the D.A. I forgot to mention that Matt lives in an entire different county than us and he would drive nearly an hour to meet and discuss the case with us! He is an exceptional Attorney, very well prepared, armed with facts and references to help defend his client. Matt is always looking out for his client and giving counsel that, in my opinion, far exceeds any other. Would I recommend Attorney Matthew Meyer to anyone needing a defense attorney? Without a doubt, Absolutely! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Matthew”

C.B. – Fond du Lac County, WI (2015)

“I was facing felony drug charges that could of sent me to prison for multiple years. Matthew worked hard to keep me from going to prison and was able to reduce my felony charges to misdemeanors. He kept me well informed with my case and was always available for any questions I had. I would recommend Meyer law office to anyone facing any legal issues. They are very compassionate and understanding.”

J.M. – Wausau, WI (2015)

“Ben is an amazing lawyer. He is very knowledgable and is willing to go the extra mile for you. He is 100% committed to excellence. On top of that, Ben is a very down to earth, nice guy. I had a wonderful experience with him. Very highly recommended!”

K.S. – Milwaukee, WI (2015)

“If you need a criminal lawyer…. Look no further than Matthew Meyer! I was accused of charges and I was not guilty. I started with a public defender and was being forced to take a lesser charge. Matt fought for me and all the charges were dismissed!!”

J.J. – Ozaukee County, WI (2015)