What is a Class C felony in Wisconsin?

Class C felony charges are some of the most serious in Wisconsin.  Upon conviction, a Class C felony is punishable by up to 40 years in prison, a fine of up to $100,000.00, or both (Wis. Stat. sec. 939.50(3)(c)).    The maximum term of initial confinement for this charge is 25 years in prison, while the maximum term of extended supervision is 15 years (Wis. Stat. sec. 973.01).

Spending 40 years in prison is certainly a significant penalty for anyone.  The legislature recognized that by classifying some of the most serious criminal offenses as Class C felonies.  Certainly prosecutors see these charges as incredibly serious, and work hard on Class C felony cases.

At Van Severen Law Office we defend individuals facing all criminal charges.  We also defend individuals facing drunk driving charges.  If you’re charged with any of these offenses, especially a Class C felony, contact our office today.  We answer phone calls 24/7 at (414) 270-0202.

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What crimes are considered Class C felonies?

Secondly, all crimes in Wisconsin are classified by their maximum penalties.  This applies to Class C felonies, other misdemeanors, other labelled felonies, and even unclassified crimes.  Below are some of the crimes considered Class C felonies in Wisconsin:

How do we defend my felony case?

Firstly, there’s no easy way to describe how we’re going to defend your specific case on this general website.  Class C felonies carry with them specific issues that we need to address.  But even beyond your specific case, each specific charge is different.  At your initial consultation we’ll certainly begin planning various defenses for your charges.  For example, here are a few issues we may encounter:

  • Firstly, sexual assault charges always rely on the credibility of the alleged victim.  Certainly if your accuser is lying, we’ll want to get into that.  Did the victim lie to her therapist?  That might lead us to a Shiffra Green motion.  Did your accuser make up the same allegation against someone else in the past?  That’s also certainly important.  Attacking his or her credibility could certainly mean the difference between winning and losing your case.
  • Secondly, did your drug case rely on a search warrant?  If so, and that search warrant is defective, there may be a basis for suppression of evidence used against you.  We’d almost certainly want to attack that bad search warrant and mitigate the information against you.
  • Thirdly, did your Class C felony involve the stop of your vehicle?  If police illegally stopped your vehicle and obtained evidence from it, there’s another motion there.  Certainly suppressing the evidence found in that stop makes your case look a little better.
  • Finally: trial.  If the government can’t prove its case against you, let’s put it in front of a jury.

This list certainly isn’t exhaustive.  There are dozens of motions and they’re all a bit different.  We’d need to apply the facts of your case to the appropriate legal standards.

Finally, hire Van Severen Law Office for your criminal charges

Our criminal defense attorneys dedicate 100% of their practice to defending criminal and drunk driving charges.  That allows us to figure out the very best way to defend your Class C felony charge.

At Van Severen Law Office we answer phones 24/7.  Call us at (414) 270-0202 and let’s figure out how to fight your charges.

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