Robbery of a financial institution is a serious felony.  Contact Van Severen Law Office at (414) 270-0202 to discuss your case

Our criminal defense attorneys defend robbery of a financial institution cases.  This theft charge is a Class C felony, carrying with it very serious prison penalties.  The maximum penalty for this offense sends the defendant to prison for 40 years and includes a potential $100,000.00 fine.  At Milwaukee defense firm Van Severen Law Office we’re familiar with robbery cases.  We’ve defended high-profile cases for individuals facing serious prison penalties.  Contact one of our skilled defense lawyers today.  (414) 270-0202

What is robbery of a financial institution?

Robbery of a financial institution is defined in section 943.87 of the Wisconsin States.  The short law reads “Whoever by use of force or threat to use imminent force takes from an individual or in the presence of an individual money or property that is owned by or under the custody or control of a financial institution is guilty of Class C felony.”

Four elements must be shown in order for the State to successfully prove a conviction:

  1. The financial institution was the owner of property
  2. The defendant took and carried away property from the financial institution
  3. The defendant took the property with intent to steal
  4. The defendant acted forcibly.

Why should I hire Van Severen Law Office for my robbery case?

Our criminal defense attorneys understand how to defend robbery cases.  We’ve worked on robbery of a financial institution cases, so we’re familiar with the issues commonly involved in these cases.  We want to win cases, and we want to win yours.  Our criminal defense attorneys have won jury trials, and have both had successful plea negotiations.  No matter your goal in your criminal case, we’ve likely worked on a similar situation before.  Our attorneys believe you should hire the best criminal defense in Wisconsin.  Contact Van Severen Law Office at (414) 270-0202 to discuss your case today.

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