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Drunk driving firm Van Severen Law Office provides operating while revoked defense.  We handle drunk driving and all associated cases.  Since operating while revoked is the result of a driver license revocation after an OWI, it’s important that your criminal attorney understand drunk driving law.  Our defense attorneys work on traffic, drunk driving, and criminal cases on a daily basis.

What is “operating while revoked”?

When an individual operates a vehicle during a period when his license is revoked, and that revocation was the result of an OWI-related offense, he has committed a crime called operating while revoked.  Operating while revoked is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in the county jail, a fine of up to $2,500.00, or both.  Operating while revoked is prohibited by section 343.44(1)(b) of the Wisconsin Statutes.

That section makes clear that:

No person whose operating privilege has been duly revoked under the laws of this state may knowingly operate a motor vehicle upon any highway in this state during the period of revocation or in violation of any restriction on an occupational license issued to the person during the period of revocation. In this paragraph, “restriction on an occupational license” means restrictions imposed under s. 343.10 (5) (a) as to hours of the day, area, routes or purpose of travel, vehicles allowed to be operated, use of an ignition interlock device, sobriety or use of alcohol, controlled substances or controlled substance analogs.

Operating while revoked is a common charge issued after individuals have been convicted of OWI/PAC and have had their licenses revoked.  The problem is that OWI penalties include driver license revocations of at least 6 months.  In second or subsequent OWI/PAC convictions, occupational licenses can only be obtained after at least a 45 day waiting period.  The waiting period can sometimes force individuals to decide between following the law and things like attending school, going to work, or picking up children.  That difficult decision can lead to a criminal conviction.  Milwaukee defense attorneys Matthew Meyer and Benjamin Van Severen understand that difficult decision.  We provide effective operating while revoked defense.

We defend operating while revoked cases

When you’re facing a criminal case it’s important that you have a criminal defense attorney assisting you.  Matthew Meyer and Benjamin Van Severe are Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys who have experience working on drunk driving, traffic, and criminal cases.  If you’re looking for aggressive operating While Revoked defense, contact Van Severen Law Office for a free consultation at (414) 270-0202.

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