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Your criminal defense attorney should have positive client testimonials. We do.

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Hiring a criminal defense attorney can be a frustrating and confusing process. You probably don’t know the attorney you’re about to hire.  Relying on reviews provided by previous clients can help make the decision easier.

Below, you’ll find criminal defense testimonials written by clients of Meyer Van Severen, S.C.  Each of these clients approached our firm with a different issue. Some of our clients had already been charged.  Others hired us prior to charging.  The issues faced by these clients ranged from municipal violations to aggravated felonies.

Mr. Meyer is a very knowledgeable criminal attorney, who takes the time to understand the situation before presenting you with options for your next step. He is also willing to take the time to answer questions and will provide you with additional resources if he believes it will be beneficial for you to make better decisions.

A.D. – Milwaukee, WI (September 2019)

Ben is truly a professional. He handled my sons case with care and empathy. He got him a better deal than we were expecting! I highly recommend Ben. He is a man of his word, honest and the judges respect him!

K.B. – Milwaukee, WI (September, 2019)

Hired matt to help with a case. He worked hard to help get the case resolved definitely to my satisfaction. He was calming...which to say the least is a huge deal. He made sure both I and my wife understood our best strategy and the reason why to go 1 way or another. I would strongly recommend him. I felt like I could always reach with questions and he would respond back very quickly. His reviews are all 5 stars because he cares...he puts the work in and hes really good! Hire him and you'll be very happy.

D.H. – Milwaukee, WI (August, 2019)

I had a case in which I was accused of domestic violence, I was facing a battery charge and had a restraining order put on me. I hired Matt and he strategically got me out of the restraining order along with my criminal charges. He was confident and very good to work with, and by that I mean he replied fast to my emails and was on top of everything. I can’t thank him enough for taking the stress of those charges off my shoulders.

C.R. – Milwaukee, WI (August 2018)

I hired Matthew Meyer and it was the best thing I could've done.  I was facing two felonies.  I was stressing because it was a shooting case, and it took a little time.   But me and my wife prayed and listened to what he said.  My advice to whoever needs a lawyer it to hire him ASAP.  He got me my life bak and I can't think him any more.  He is the best, period.  I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for him.  I was facing 27 years and he got my cases dismissed.  Thank you Matthew, now I can live my regular life with no more stress.

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S.W. – Milwaukee, WI (July 2018)