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Your criminal defense attorney should have positive client testimonials. We do.

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Hiring a criminal defense attorney can be a frustrating and confusing process. You probably don’t know the attorney you’re about to hire.  Relying on reviews provided by previous clients can help make the decision easier.

Below, you’ll find criminal defense testimonials written by clients of Van Severen Law Office  Each of these clients approached our firm with a different issue. Some of our clients had already been charged.  Others hired us prior to charging.  The issues faced by these clients ranged from municipal violations to aggravated felonies.

First time in my life getting a ticket in Milwaukee and Matt Last saved me. I was a bit worried, because I never got a ticket in a different state. But everything was resolved over and beyond of what I expected!! Thank you so much. Highly highly recommended.

Jonathan S. – Milwaukee, WI (November 2020)

I hired Benjamin Van Severen last summer for a very unfortunate situation that I got involved in. A former employer creating lies and issues on my name. This was my first time ever needing a criminal defense attorney. I knew that I didn’t have a chance proving my innocence on my own. From the initial phone call, I knew I was going to go with Ben. He was about the 5th attorney I had contacted...he was very polite but very matter of fact and to the point. He’s very knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have. He really made me feel at ease through the whole process.
I hope I don’t ever need a criminal defense attorney again...but if I do, I will phone Ben right away. His staff is super friendly also, my calls/emails would always get returned in a timely fashion if he was unavailable. In the end, Ben did prove my innocence and everything was dropped. I truly could not have done it without his expertise. Thank you a million times Ben!
You truly have taken the stress out of a difficult situation.

Livia G. – Milwaukee, WI (November 2020)

Matthew is a bold strategist that tackles issues head on with the goals of his clients being his utmost priority. I contacted Matthew as soon as I knew I had a hearing (a day prior!) He immediately reached out to me and gave me a consultation. Speaking to Matthew gave me the confidence I needed to hire him to keep my innocence. He immediately took note of my side of the story in full context and told me of what to prepare for in the charging court. Matthew's wit and knowledge was important in getting my case completely dismissed before I was even charged!

Mat K. – Milwaukee, WI (November 2019)

If you're currently reading this, chances are, you are looking for a criminal defense attorney that you can highly rely on. The good news here is, you've came to the right place.

I had gotten myself into some trouble with in the past few months, and unfortunately for me, it was more than I could chew. At the time of searching for lawyers, this was the first firm I had contacted, and right away, I felt this was the way to go. Matthew Meyer is one of those worth being praised as far as a good attorney goes. If you're lucky enough, you may not have to go to any court hearings depending on certain circumstances (having criminal charges dismissed before trial).

Matthew is an individual who is extremely understanding, articulate, persistent with communication, won't just tell you what you want to hear, but will also bluntly tell you what you need to do to get yourself out of the hole you may be in. I write this because this man has literally made sure my future was not going to be devastating (like Allstate insurance, you're in good hands).

Thank you to everyone at Van Severen Law Office who has played a role in helping me with my rock bottom, granted I could of had it much worse.

Jesse V. – Milwaukee, WI (November 2020)

Matt did a fantastic job. His office conducted themselves in a very professional manner.

Tim O. – November 2020 (Milwaukee, WI)
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