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Disorderly conduct defense – Wis. Stat. 947.01

Van Severen Law Office, S.C. regularly represents defendants facing disorderly conduct charges.  Call us for help: (414) 270-0202 The disorderly conduct statute in Wisconsin covers a wide variety of lower-level illegal conduct.  Actions that are violent, abusive, indecent, profane, boisterous, unreasonably loud, or otherwise disorderly all qualify.  Those actions must tend to cause or provoke…


Domestic violence defense

What is domestic abuse? Section 968.075 of the Wisconsin Statutes defines domestic abuse.  “Domestic abuse” isn’t a crime charged itself – it’s a modifier added to other crimes (like substantial battery or stalking).  It includes intentional infliction of physical pain, physical injury, or illness, intentional impairment of physical condition, sexual assault, or a physical act…


Substantial battery defense

Domestic violence Frequently we encounter substantial battery charges that occur after a domestic violence incident. While we recognize that substantial battery is already a felony (and therefore carries significant collateral consequences), a DV conviction results in additional penalties because of their status alone.  For misdemeanor charges, a DV conviction adds a lifetime ban on the defendant’s…


False imprisonment defense

Charged with false imprisonment? Contact Van Severen Law Office to discuss your false imprisonment case. (414) 270-0202 Milwaukee criminal defense firm Van Severen Law Office provides aggressive false imprisonment defense.  This charge is a Class H felony, which carries with it a 6 year prison sentence and a $10,000.00 fine.  Hiring a skilled top criminal defense lawyer...CONTINUE READING

Strangulation and suffocation defense

Strangulation and Suffocation charges? Contact Van Severen Law Office at (414) 270-0202 to discuss your strangulation and suffocation case. The criminal defense attorneys at Van Severen Law Office aggressively defend individuals facing strangulation and suffocation charges.  Our top Wisconsin criminal defense attorneys have defended hundreds of defendants facing criminal charges just like these.  It's our opinion that...CONTINUE READING

Aggravated battery defense

Aggravated battery charges?  Call us. Van Severen Law Office specializes in criminal defense.  Call us at (414) 270-0202, 24/7. In Wisconsin battery can be a misdemeanor or felony-level criminal charge.  Aggravated battery is one example of felony battery.  It’s important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side when facing criminal charges, especially...CONTINUE READING

Misdemeanor battery defense

We defend misdemeanor battery charges. Misdemeanor battery charges are the frequent result of physical conflicts.  Whether it's a bar fight, a random confrontation, or a domestic violence situation, so long as the victim suffered no serious harm (broken bones, stitches, etc.), it qualifies as a misdemeanor-level criminal charge.  Specifically, misdemeanor battery is a Class A...CONTINUE READING
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