Criminal defense attorney Conner Helvig

Van Severen Law Office focuses on criminal defense in Wisconsin. Although based in Milwaukee, we defend cases throughout the state. We're not afraid to fight for you.

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Criminal defense attorney Conner Helvig

Conner Helvig is a defense lawyer who fights for individuals charged throughout Wisconsin.

Criminal defense attorney Conner Helvig earned his bachelor of arts in criminal justice from Blue Mountain College in 2017. While attending Blue Mountain College, Mr. Helvig was captain of the Men’s Basketball team for two years. He then continued his education at Marquette University Law School where he graduated from in 2020.  Mr. Helvig joined Van Severen Law Office upon his graduation from law school.  He’s currently accepting new clients facing any kind of criminal, drunk driving, or revocation issue.

Mr. Helvig certainly has a significant amount of experience defending criminal cases and fighting for clients facing revocation issues.  Mr. Helvig began building this experience while still a law student – he served with the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s Office in Milwaukee County while in his third year of law school.  Once he joined Van Severen Law Office, he hit the ground running and continued accruing valuable experience defending individuals facing criminal convictions.

While a law student Mr. Helvig gained a significant amount of knowledge that will certainly benefit the firm – he interned with a felony-level judge in Milwaukee County, and worked in the Village of Menomonee Falls as a legal intern, handling various traffic and municipal citations.  While in Menomonee Falls, Mr. Helvig spent a significant amount of time working on first-offense drunk driving cases. Finally, Mr. Helvig completed multiple court trials while working in the municipal court – all before ever earning his law degree.

Aggressive pre-trial motion practice

Mr. Helvig is passionate about criminal defense, having dedicated himself to this area of law since starting law school.  He passionately files pre-trial motions and assertively argues against illegal, unconstitutional police conduct.  His motion practice skills extend not only to the verbal arguments necessary, but to the obviously important written nature of motions.  At Van Severen Law Office we believe in fighting for our clients every step along the way.  Mr. Helvig certainly continues that tradition.

In his free time, Mr. Helvig enjoys relaxing at home and watching and playing sports. He is a Milwaukee resident and lives with his girlfriend.

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The criminal defense lawyers at Van Severen Law Office dedicate themselves entirely to criminal defense.  It’s that constant, 100% dedication that achieves positive results for our clients.  Everyone – from our newest associates, all the way to our partners – is expected to dig through each criminal case to find motions and argue them.  And if those motions don’t achieve the result we’re seeking, we’re prepared for trial.  We believe that this smart, thorough dedication leads to better results for you.

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