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Category: Homicide

Murder, Manslaughter, and Homicide

Murder, Manslaughter, and Homicide are all crimes. But what do we call them in Wisconsin?  Can you be charged with all three? If you’ve watched television, read the newspaper, or talked to anyone about crime, you’ve certainly heard the words murder, manslaughter, and homicide used.  They all mean generally the same thing: one person kills…


A Trial Without the Defendant?

How can a criminal trial proceed without the defendant present? A recent high profile case in Milwaukee where the defendant’s trial continued without him makes you wonder how there can be a trial without a defendant.  While uncommon, this is not unheard of. Section 971.04 of the Wisconsin Statutes require the defendant to be present…


Intimidation of a Witness/Victim Charges

Witness intimidation growing issue in Milwaukee If you read the news in Milwaukee, you’ve seen the countless stories over the past few years regarding the growing problem of witness intimidation.  Those stories have focused mainly on defendants who have tried to kill witnesses in their cases.  And although killing a witness is a rare event,…


Jail Inquest in Milwaukee

Inquest into the death of Terrill Thomas: An inquest into the death of Terrill Thomas began last week and should conclude early this week in Milwaukee County.  What is an inquest and what is its purpose in this specific case?  This post examines the law regarding an inquest and why it was ordered.  Criminal defense…


2nd Degree Intentional Homicide Charge for Kenosha Student

15 year old Kenosha student charged with homicide A 15 year old Kenosha high school student faces  2nd degree intentional homicide charges.  Prosecutors allege Timothy Carson and a fellow classmate at Bradford High School were fighting over a girl and that they arranged a fight in a park.  While the fight didn’t occur as planned, an altercation…