What is a Class B felony penalty in Wisconsin?

Class B felonies are the most serious non-lifetime charge in Wisconsin.  Generally this felony level is saved for the most serious charges faces, like homicide and sexual assault.  A Class B felony carries a maximum penalty of 60 years in prison (Wis. Stat. sec. 939.50).  Class B felony charges don’t carry any kind of fine, but that doesn’t change the severity of the charges.  Certainly we’d all rather pay a fine than face time.  The maximum term of initial confinement for a Class B felony is 40 years, while the maximum extended supervision is 20 years (Wis. Stat. 973.01)

While a Class A felony carries life in prison, a Class B felony isn’t much better.  Sitting for 40 years in prison and being on supervision for 20 more is the majority of the average person’s lifetime.  If you are charged with a Class B felony, you certainly shouldn’t “try out” a few attorneys.  And you shouldn’t be “calling around for prices.”  At Van Severen Law Office we believe that only the best criminal defense attorneys should work on cases like Class B felonies.

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What are the Class B felonies in Wisconsin?

Firstly, all crimes in Wisconsin are classified by their maximum penalties.  Class B felonies are no exception.  Below, we’ve provided a list of some Class B felonies in Wisconsin:

How do we defend my felony case?

All criminal charges require different defenses.  The way we defend a drunk driving charge is certainly different than the way we defend a kidnapping charge.  But there are a few consistent points that we need to address on any case.  For example:

  1. Are there any motion issues?  When evaluating your case, this is the first determination we make.  Motions can make or break your case.  For example, if your case relies on a search warrant, we’ll want to review that.  We’ll certainly pull the affidavit in support of the search warrant to determine whether it’s sufficient.  If it is not sufficient, we’ll file a motion in court challenging the search.  If the search warrant led to the only evidence against you, and we get the results tossed out, your case might be dismissed.
  2. What if I didn’t do it?  Unfortunately, innocent individuals are charged and convicted every day.  And frequently those convictions are based purely on the statement of the alleged victim.  Certainly our first step is determining how we can attack her credibility.  That could involve interviewing old colleagues, filing a Shiffra Green motion, or digging into relevant other acts evidence.
  3. Finally, you always maintain a right to jury trial.  If you didn’t commit the offense, you certainly shouldn’t take a plea for it.  Our criminal defense attorneys certainly defend individuals at jury trial facing serious Class B felony charges.

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At Van Severen Law Office, S. C. we specialize in criminal defense.  And when you’re facing a charge like a Class B felony, hiring a specialist is crucial.  If you lose such a high-stakes battle, there’s obviously a significant chance you’re going to prison.  Hire the very best criminal defense attorney you can, and let’s start fighting your case.

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