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Although our criminal defense attorneys are based in Milwaukee, they defend cases in Kenosha County Circuit Court and municipal courts.  If you’ve been charged in Bristol, Genoa City, Paddock Lake, Pleasant Prairie, Silver Lake, Twin Lakes, or any other municipality in Kenosha, one of our skilled criminal defense lawyers may be able to help.  Contact criminal law firm Van Severen Law Office at (414) 270-0202 regarding your criminal case today.

Our top criminal defense attorneys have worked on cases involving most crimes in Wisconsin.  No matter the offense, Van Severen Law Office may be able to help you.  As aggressive defense attorneys, we regularly try cases to a jury.  We also regularly challenge police actions by writing, filing, and arguing motions.  If you believe you’ve been wronged by the police, not all defense attorneys are competent enough to defend you.  Not all defense attorneys are able to provide you the Kenosha County criminal defense you deserve.

Our criminal attorneys have worked on all kinds of cases in Kenosha, including shootings and serious domestic violence offenses.  We keep prosecutors reasonable and fight for our clients.  Hire a criminal defense attorney who focuses his practice 100% on criminal law.  Don’t hire the attorney who does divorces and adoptions.  At Van Severen Law Office, we only do criminal defense and drunk driving work.

Van Severen Law Office provides smart Kenosha County criminal defense

If you’re facing charges in Kenosha County, one of our top Wisconsin criminal defense attorneys want to help with your case.  For a free consultation contact Van Severen Law Office at (414) 270-0202.  One of our skilled criminal defense lawyers will take the time to go through your case at your initial consultation.  After that free consultation, we can begin fighting your criminal case.

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