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Obtaining a prescription by fraud is a misdemeanor offense in Wisconsin.  Defense firm Van Severen Law Office defends all criminal offenses, with a special focus on drug charges.  If you’ve been charged with this criminal offense or any other, contact an experienced drug defense attorney.  Contact our criminal defense attorneys at (414) 270-0202 immediately for help.

What is obtaining a prescription by fraud?

Obtaining a prescription by fraud is prohibited by section 450.11(7) of the Wisconsin Statutes.  There are certain elements that need to proven at trial in order for the State to sustain a conviction:

  1. The defendant obtained a prescription drug;
  2. The defendant knew or believed that the substance was a prescription drug; and
  3. The defendant obtained the prescription drug by a willful misrepresentation.

It’s required that it be shown the defendant intended to deceive a specific individual and intended to induce that person to rely and act on the misrepresentation.  It’s also required that the person was actually deceived by the misrepresentation.  Finally, that person must have been induced to actually part possession of the prescription drug.

Most often the individual described is a pharmacist or other individual working at a pharmacy.  In plain language, basically the defendant must have deceived the worker and actually received the prescription.

How do we defend my case?

All criminal cases are different.  A skilled criminal defense attorney will sit down and discuss your case from beginning to end with you.  Once we understand all of the facts involved, we can determine how to defend your case.  Certain cases are won at motion hearings.  Others are won at trial.  Still others are settled through successful pretrial negotiation.  Defending your case depends on your goals.  We’re dedicated to fighting for those goals for you.

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We’ve defended this charge before.  Although some defense attorneys might say “it’s just a misdemeanor,” that’s not how we do business.  This is your case and your life.  If you want to fight your case all the way through trial, we’ll be there with you.  Don’t wait until the day before court to hire a criminal defense lawyer.  Contact Van Severen Law Office at (414) 270-0202 immediately to discuss your case.

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