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Seeking a Milwaukee Murder Attorney? Meyer Van Severen, S.C. Aggressively Defends Homicide Cases.

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Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys Matthew R. Meyer and Benjamin Van Severen have experience defending Wisconsin murder cases.  Recently we’ve worked on intentional homicide, reckless homicide, and homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle cases.  Some of these cases were high-profile, with every step followed by the media.  If you’ve been charged with any crime involving the death of another, contact Meyer Van Severen, S.C. immediately to discuss your options.  Our aggressive defense attorneys think it’s crucial for anyone facing a murder conviction to hire an experienced homicide defense attorney.  The defense attorneys at Meyer Van Severen, S.C. respond to phone calls around the clock.

A homicide conviction could send you to prison for the rest of your life

First-degree intentional homicide is a Class A felony, which carries with it a penalty of life in prison.  All other homicide offenses are felonies that call for prison sentences.  These are serious penalties because murder is one of the most serious crimes you can be accused of.  The potential penalties alone justify hiring the best criminal defense attorney you can find.

Homicide cases often involve extensive, complex police investigation.  They often involve witnesses, statements from the defendant, and difficult medical issues.  Murder cases are inherently emotional because of the involved loss of life.  Often, motions should be filed on the defendant’s behalf in murder cases.  We’re familiar with those motions and are comfortable arguing them in court.  Not all criminal defense attorneys possess the skill necessary to win motions.

If the defendant made a statement to police, certain constitutional guidelines must be obeyed.  If Miranda warnings weren’t read after the defendant was taken into custody and subject to custodial interrogation, filing a motion in court and arguing could result in that statement being kept out of evidence.  Confessions are obviously damaging to the defendant’s case.  If the jury never hears about a confession, the defendant’s case grows stronger.

Looking for homicide defense?

Our criminal defense attorneys believe it’s extremely important to hire an aggressive, intelligent criminal defense attorney when facing a homicide charge.  Our firm has a reputation for winning trials.  First-degree intentional homicide carries with it a potential lifetime penalty.  All other homicide charges carry with them prison penalties.  Homicide cases can be extremely complex and sometimes require an understanding of medical knowledge.  If you’re looking for smart, serious criminal defense, contact Meyer Van Severen, S.C.  Defense attorneys Meyer and Van Severen are available around to clock to discuss your criminal case.  Call our office at (414) 270-0202.