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Van Severen Law Office provides adultery defense throughout Wisconsin.  Although adultery isn’t commonly charged in Wisconsin, if you’re facing this or any other criminal charge, contact our criminal defense attorneys to discuss your case.  We’ve defended dozens of sex cases and can help if you’ve been charged with adultery.

At Van Severen Law Office our entire focus is on defending individuals charged with criminal offenses.  Our obsessive focus on criminal defense allows us to more effectively fight against the government.  We’re specialists.  We don’t handle divorce cases, any kind of business law, or anything that doesn’t help defend your criminal case.

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What’s adultery?

Adultery is defined in section 944.16 of the Wisconsin Statutes.  That section indicates that whoever does either of the following is guilty of a Class I felony:

“A married person who has sexual intercourse with a person not the married person’s spouse; or (2) A person who has sexual intercourse with a person who is married to another.”

A Class I felony carries with it serious penalties, including up to 3 1/2 years in prison and/or up to $10,000.00 in fines. Considering these serious penalties, it’s obvious why you should hire an attorney.

Why is adultery still a crime?

Section 944.01 of the Wisconsin Statutes establishes that:

The state recognizes that it has a duty to encourage high moral standards. Although the state does not regulate the private sexual activity of consenting adults, the state does not condone or encourage any form of sexual conduct outside the institution of marriage. Marriage is the foundation of family and society. Its stability is basic to morality and civilization, and of vital interest to society and this state.

Section 944.01 makes clear that the state sees its duty as one that encourages high moral standards.  Those high moral standards rely on marriage as a foundation for a stable society.

How do we defend my case?

All criminal charges are different.  Adultery cases are rare, but the issues in criminal cases all remain relatively similar.

For example, is credibility an issue? Frequently while defending criminal cases we send investigators out to speak with witnesses and the alleged victim.  We’ll look for other evidence that contradicts what the victim says.  Did other witnesses observe the situation?  Did they see something different than the victim’s allegation?

There’s one thing you can do on the front end to help defend your case.  Do not give a statement to police without an attorney present.  If police are speaking with you, they certainly consider you a suspect.  And if you’re a suspect, they’re trying to build a case against you.  Most criminal defense attorneys will advise you of the same thing: it’s easier to defend a criminal case when the defendant hasn’t made a statement.  And that’s because the defendant hasn’t made any kind of statement that could hurt his case.

Finally, are you facing criminal charges?  Certainly contact Van Severen Law Office at (414) 270-0202

Adultery is a felony charge in Wisconsin.  Importantly, prosecutors do not charge this offense frequently.  In theory, this charge is frequently used like disorderly conduct: prosecutors simply “pile on” this offense when they’re looking for additional exposure.

Finally, at Van Severen Law Office we defend all criminal charges throughout Wisconsin.  We certainly even defend against old laws, like adultery.  If you face any kind of criminal charge, call us today.  We answer phones 24/7 at (414) 270-0202.

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